FTM 100


The FTM 100 is connected to the Fire Control Unit (e.g. AF200) and continuously monitors the GPS location and GSM network strength, allowing for a quick reaction time in case of an alarm. The system is compatible with all cell phone frequency bands and can quickly obtain the location of the vehicle using different Global Navigation Satellite Systems (e.g. GPS and GLONASS). 

If a fire is detected, the Fire Control Unit (e.g. AF200) sends an alarm signal to the FTM 100, where the position is determined and a message with the alarm type, time, and location is sent to the predefined emergency number(s) using the short messaging service (SMS). For easy location, a Google maps hyperlink, which can immediately display the location, can be incorporated into the alarm message. Optionally, the alarm can also be sent through the TCP/IP network of the cell phone provider, providing additional information about the alarm situation.

More information can be found in the data sheet:

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Shows driver the location of fire and initiates extinguishing procedure.



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