Suppression System

firedect’s automatic high-pressure extinguishing system not only provides security and protection for vehicles and passengers, but is also ideal for retrofitting in buses, trucks and armored vehicles. It uses the most effective method of fighting fires – water mist.

Protecting the Engine in Buses, Trucks, and Specialty Vehicles

The system consists of a bottle of extinguishing agent, a bottle of nitrogen, high-pressure pipeline and nozzles, a control unit, detectors, and the fire alarm display. More than one kind of detector can be connected to the system.


The automatic suppression system is self-monitoring and will report any deviation or pressure drop directly to the vehicle operator. This will prevent false alarms. The system is guaranteed for 8 years, maintenance-free, and can be annually tested without loss of extinguishing agent.

Water mist is the most effective extinguishing agent for enclosed spaces, but has also proven effective in areas of heavy ventilation. Consider our tests with air flow rates from 1.5 m3/s and 3 m3/s.

Fighting fires with water mist

The water is atomized at 200 bar pressure and nozzles discharge the water mist. The increased surface of the water droplets produces an immediate cooling effect and displaces oxygen in the engine compartment, smothering the fire. The level of the extinguishing agent in the bottle can be lowered without losing the effectiveness of the spray. Water mist is the most efficient extinguishing agent and is ideal for use with conventional diesel engines, electric motors, and high pressure systems. The mist creates a fog that is non-conductive and minimizes water damage.

Time when you need it most

firedect’s suppression system was proven to be the most powerful and reliable system on the market in tests performed by the University of Istanbul. When tested, our system successfully suppressed all fires and prevented a reflare of the fire. 

In case of fire, the evacuation of the passengers has the highest priority, and the evacuation time is very limited. Our goal is to maximize this available time and to provide an optical and acoustic warning to the driver and our customers.

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Now retrofitting in buses, vehicles and trucks - the IM 100 fire detection center monitors up to 50 fire and smoke detectors in the vehicle.



Robust heat sensors that work reliably even in the engine compartment and other critical areas - protection class IP69K.



Detect fires before flames occur - perfect for the vehicle interior and in the luggage compartment.



Warns you about high carbon monoxide levels.



Shows driver the location of fire and initiates extinguishing procedure.


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