Fire Alarm Display

Fire Warning System IM100

An increased risk of fire in public transport vehicles and the associated international regulations (UN/ECE) require school buses, city buses, and coaches to be retrofitted with fire alarm systems to protect passengers.

firedect has developed an innovative and effective fire warning system designed to be retrofitted into buses, trucks, ferries, yachts, and armored vehicles.  The system can continuously monitor up to 50 fire and smoke detectors and can be easily connected to the fire alarm display through a sensor chain, providing visual and auditory warnings to the vehicle operator in the event of a fire. 

Fire Alarm Display IM100 for Buses, Coaches, Trucks, and Specialty Vehicles

The firedect fire alarm display IM100 is designed to intelligently monitor the unmanned, closed spaces in vehicles. With the ability to connect several smoke and fire detectors, the firedect warning system is a reliable partner for protection against fires.

The IM100 monitors the status of up to 50 detectors and will alert the vehicle operator visually and with an audible alarm signal.  Lights and buttons are integrated into the display unit.  In addition to the power supply and the sensor chain inputs, the central fire alarm system also has a digital output for connecting external alarm devices or a telematics unit.

UN/ECE Regulation 107

The fire alarm display IM100 is a proprietary development from firedect.

The IM100 is specifically approved for the automotive sector, fulfills the requirements of UN/ECE Regulation 107 and has already proven effective in local public transport. It is also possible for use in specialty vehicles, aerospace and maritime industries.

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Detect fires before flames occur - perfect for the vehicle interior and in the luggage compartment.



Robust heat sensors that work reliably even in the engine compartment and other critical areas - protection class IP69K.



Shows driver the location of fire and initiates extinguishing procedure.



Activates automatically in the event of a fire and stifles the flame with environmentally friendly water spray mist.


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